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20th January 2018     



“Wild Flowers”         

Marjolein Gabel is a founder member of our predecessor, the Kam Klub.  MARLIS was the name of the group set up to perform extracts from musicals, by Marjolein and Lisa Armetta (Lottie Child in “Crazy for You”), both of whom were/are BLOC members.  I had the pleasure of playing banjo in many of their productions.  They created a short musical, “Wild Flowers”, described as a “romp through Love, Life and Motown”, which was last played in Belgium at the Kam Klub seven years ago.  Marjolein moved back to Holland some years ago but continued her musical talents with the Anglo-American Theatre Group out of Den Haag.  So it is with great pleasure that we welcome back Marjolein and the AATG to give us the latest version of “Wild Flowers”.

Sarah and Nigel.    

We welcome again the lovely Sarah Francois, who with the versatile Nigel Ward’s backing, will entrance us with her beautiful voice.

Alys Sheahan comes to the Staging Post as an AATG Assistant Stage Manager for the MARLIS show.  But, Alys is also an extremely talented young artist, who recently appeared in the COBIS music festival in Murcia, Spain, where she won several prizes for her performances. This young woman is going to blow your minds, just like she did to the Spanish. 

Olivier Buckley and his Guitar     

Finally, this extremely talented and energetic young man comes again to enliven the De Kam stage, as he did almost a year ago.

Free Podium   

As usual, there will be the opportunity for anyone to sing and play their instruments a in the bar after the show.